Too much of the world’s resources are spent inefficiently delivering energy and water requirements and managing water waste.  Current infrastructures are not cost or time effective, requiring 1000s of miles of roads, pipes, cables and drains.  Inefficient movement over long distances has a major impact on the environment.  Traditional systems and networks are not positioned to address the urgent need to slow down and reverse climate change.  We want to address that. 

To deliver energy requirements, water and manage water waste the World expends too much time and money through inefficient movement over large distances.  We want to change that. We believe the era of large scale projects requiring thousands of miles of roads, pipes, lines, drains is limited because these large projects are often not cost effective solution and fail to deliver the urgent need to slow and reverse climate change.

Micro Water & Septic: Klimate Labs offers solutions to homes and small businesses for creating and retaining water.  Our systems recognise that only 1% of water used needs to be drinkable.  Recycling waste heat normally lost from water, these solutions have a lower environmental footprint and remove the need for, and reliance on, traditional infrastructures.

Micro Energy: Little has been done globally to develop technology that can deliver solutions much more economically than solar power, in a fraction of the time required to install large hydroelectric systems.  Small hydroelectric power generators have the potential to offer cheap and plentiful energy to small businesses and homes. 

Further opportunities and advantages exist in super efficient wood fuel burning systems that provide both heat output and electrical energy capture.

New Housing: There is an urgent need for a new kind of climate survival home and Klimate Labs is committed to building it.  We are developing modular solutions designed to be installed quickly on challenging sites without the need for traditional ground works, with a minimal environmental footprint.

Timber Neutral:  Klimate Labs has partnered with Timber Neutral Ltd to replant trees to offset the use of all timber used in the construction of our products and the carbon footprint of our systems.